Historiaa - About us

Elämäni ensimmäisissä agilitykilpailuissa pronssille Veijon kanssa vuonna 1996.
3rd place in our first agility competition in 1996.

Gozzytix is my prefix. It comes from Ossi's name "Ozzy", G was good letter to start with, TI is a nice syllable and where else to end than X? I planned to breed my Shiba Tuire, but things don't always go as planned and finally first litter under my prefix was born after 12 years.

My first dog was a boxer male Veijo, born in 1994. Before that I had sit by the training field hours after hours looking people training their dogs. I also took care of my friends' dogs and after seven years of begging, my mom finally allowed me to have a dog of my own. So Veijo really was a dream come true! With Veijo we had lots of hobbies and we competed a little in agility and junior handling. My next dog was Shiba Tuire, born in 1999.

Unfortunately Veijo died of heart failure in 1999. I planned to get another boxer but my friend Jani Ultamo suggested me to have a dachshund. I didn't think a minute, just said no thanks. But Jani convinced me and soon I was a happy dachshund owner. Ossi was same age as Tuire and with them we travelled at dog shows around Europe and both became multi champions. Tuire was also the first shiba in Finland to compete in official agility competitions. Ossi was highly ranked in top winning show dogs due to his many group and Best in Show wins. In 2003 I got my first Akita, Dairin from Japan. He was one of a kind, a real teddy bear! Dairin died in 2009 at the age of almost 13 years.

I had the honour to had Tuire and Ossi in my life for 16,5 years, half of my life at the time, but in Autumn 2015 they both passed away. Now we are living with the youngsters, Ossi's daughter Outi and granddaughter Hippa. I also co-own some other dogs, but they are living with their co-owners.

Tiina & Dairin the Akita in 2005.
Ensimmäinen koirani Muf, jonka sain 5-vuotislahjaksi. Hieman kulunut vuosien varrella, mutta se suotakoon kolmikymppiselle.
My first dog Muf, which I got for 5 year old birthday present.